Academy of Grooming Arts, Serving the best Dog Grooming Courses in Hyderabad

Are you an animal lover? Do you love grooming your cats and dogs? Then why not consider turning your love into a profession? However, when it comes to dog grooming courses, it is important to pick a quality one to polish your skills and land you with successful opportunities. Academy of Grooming Arts offers the best dog grooming courses in Hyderabad. The best part of our dog grooming classes is that they are open to everyone, beginners or seasoned professionals. Our dog grooming classes in Hyderabad have something for everyone.
When you join the Academy of Grooming Arts, you aren’t just going to learn basic grooming skills but much more. Our grooming courses comprehensively cover styling and creativity, too. Additionally, we have a team of industry experts and groomers who will help you with theoretical basics and practical experience.

Academy of Grooming Arts: Specialty of Our Dog Grooming Classes in Hyderabad

One of the sources that helps us offer the best dog grooming courses in Hyderabad is our curriculum. We at the Academy of Grooming Arts constantly update our curriculum to match the latest trends. We aim to be updated and informed of all trends and techniques to ensure that we offer the best in the pet grooming industry. Our courses are not just limited to delivering theoretical knowledge; we go a step ahead to provide live dogs for hands-on training for our students.
At the Academy of Grooming Arts, we offer a variety of courses, ensuring you pick a suitable one based on your skill level. These include:
Each of our courses is meticulously designed to help our students gain all the basic and advanced skills of the industry. We strive to build our courses in a way that helps you emerge as an expert, allowing you to land many opportunities.

All About Our Pet Groomer Classes

As mentioned earlier, we offer diverse pet groomer classes. However, you may want to know the basics of each course before enrolling. So, here are the details of each of our dog grooming courses:

Salon Fundamentals

If you're a beginner looking to enter the industry, this course can be your perfect pick. This 7-day pet groomer course covers all the basics of pet bath, drying, de-shedding, nail trimming, etc.

Grooming Essentials

To further upskill your initial learning, we suggest you take this 10-day Grooming Essentials Course in addition to Salon Fundamentals. It teaches you the basics of bathing, drying, clipping etc...

Grooming Expert

If you're someone already working in the grooming industry but looking to improve your skills, Grooming Expert, a 10-day course, can be your ideal pick. After completing your Salon Fundamentals.

Join us today and let your pet pamper skills shine!
With our dedication to easy and practical learning, we aim to offer nothing less than the best dog grooming training in Hyderabad. Our mentors are there to guide and assist you at each step, correcting your mistakes and helping you improve every day. 
Frequently Asked Question
Are dog grooming courses beginner-friendly?
Yes, the Academy of Grooming Arts has beginner-friendly courses like Salon Fundamentals. We understand that starting anything new can be challenging. So, here we teach you all the basics of dog bathing, drying, and other grooming services.
What is the span of pet grooming courses?
Each of our pet grooming courses has a distinct span. For example, our Salon Fundamentals stretches for 7 days, while Grooming Essentials is for 10 days. Considering your preference and expertise, you can choose a suitable course.