Grooming Secrets You Must Know That Will Will Upgrade Your Grooming Skills & Make Your Life Much Easier

From Bathing, Drying, Brushing, Detangling, And Cleaning Up The Ears, Eyes & Hygiene Areas, To Finally Getting Your Dog Beautiful and starting in the career you love. Takes A Lot Of Work. Learn the most advanced grooming skills from the Academy of Grooming Arts to enhance your grooming skills.

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Meet Your Faculty

James Bennett – Main Faculty, Grooming 

James Bennett is an Award winning Entrepreneur, world Renowned Groomer, poodle breeder, industry leader, and authority in grooming.

Philip Butt – Co Faculty, Positive Reinforcement

Detection, Protection & Obedience Dogs & Handlers Trainer Chief Indian Faculty, Hunde Training Spezialist, Germany Creator Of The BeMod+ System™

What Will You Learn ?

Clipper Technique

You Will Be Learning The Best Way To Get Super Results Consistently

Clipper Technique

Which Will Lay The Foundation For You To Have A Great Scissoring Technique

Clipper Technique

So Your Equipment Lasts A Lifetime With Minimum Maintenance

Who Is This training For?

Dog Groomer

Dog Trainer

Dog Parent

Dog Enthusiasts

About Us

Academy of Grooming Arts has been founded in partnership with Commando College for Dogs and Trainers, Plush Puppy – Australia’s number one grooming product brand, and the James Bennett Grooming Academy.

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Our courses

Beginner Course

This course is a great one for someone wanting to start in the industry on the right foot. 

Grooming Essentials + Grooming Expert

This course focuses on the art of scissoring, clipping, de-sheds, anatomy, and the importance of giving the client the groom they are after.This advanced course emphasises the finer points of grooming and paying close attention to detail.

Master Groomer

This Master course focuses on Breed Specific Grooms, Asian Fusion Grooming  and Show Grooming.  Ideal for seasoned groomers and learners.