About Us

About Academy Of Grooming Arts

Academy of Grooming Arts has been founded in partnership with Commando College for Dogs and Trainers, Plush Puppy – Australia’s number one grooming product brand, and the James Bennett Grooming Academy.

Academy of Grooming Arts will be a one-of-a-kind grooming school dedicated to making grooming visits fun for all parties involved! We have worked hard to bring the best programmes from around the globe to India and aid Indian groomers in keeping pace with their international counterparts.

About Commando College For Dogs And Trainers

Since 1997, Commando Kennels has been at the head of K9 education in India! Our philosophy has always been to provide practical advantages to our students and to instruct them hands-on. We do not believe in two-day seminars led by “celebrity” academics; instead, we hold your hand and assure correct skill transfer and knowledge of the subject.

We believe in the science of animal behaviour and dog training at Commando College of Dogs and Trainers. This is the ideal team to train you because of their extensive topic knowledge and teaching expertise! Our trainers and lecturers are not only animal specialists, but they have also spent years teaching others how to train animals.

About James Bennett Grooming Academy

James is a multi-award winning master dog groomer and highly accomplished groomer who travels the world giving grooming classes. James is an expert in all-hand scissoring, Poodle grooming, and desheds. In the grooming industry, he is known as Mr Scissor Hands. James Bennett, owner of the James Bennett grooming academy, has more than ten years of experience in the show ring, breeding poodles, and travelling the world to master the art of grooming. James delivers the best courses from all over the world to his pupils.

The James Bennett Grooming Academy is unique among schools in that it prides itself on the quality of learning in its courses, allowing students to get the most out of their time at the academy.

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James Bennett is an Award winning Entrepreneur, world Renowned Groomer, poodle breeder, industry leader, and authority in grooming.

With over 10 years of experience showing, breeding poodles, and traveling the world learning the art of grooming James prides the salon on its high-end service,

James is a multi-award-winning master dog groomer and highly decorated groomer hosting grooming seminars across the world and in Australia. A 3rd generation poodle breeder & dog groomer, James is a renowned poodle person across the world and is highly regarded among the top Poodle people in the world he is also known as one of Australia’s top groomers. James and his Partner Kirri are both very successful breeders and dog show exhibitors with their Poodles & Siberian Huskies.

James specializes in all hand scissoring, Poodle grooming, and desheds. He is known as Mr. Scissor Hands in the grooming industry.  He prides the salon on its attention to detail and only uses the best products to get the best results.


Detection, Protection & Obedience Dogs & Handlers Trainer Chief Indian Faculty, Hunde Training Spezialist, Germany Creator Of The BeMod+ System™

With more than 25 years of expertise in dog training, Philip Butt is an enthusiastic canine specialist. He is the CEO of Commando Kennels, and Honorary Secretary of The Hyderabad Canine Club, as well as a dog trainer, author, and human trainer.

In collaboration with Hunde Training Spezialist in Germany, he serves as the Chief Indian Faculty for training using operant conditioning, positive reinforcement, and cutting-edge methods. He firmly believes in the train-the-trainers school of thought. He has trained thousands of dog trainers and handlers throughout the world in his position as Chief Trainer.